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Brush Farriery Services Ltd pride themselves on offering the best possible service to their clients. We provide a high level of workmanship, offering a prompt and personal service individualised for the equine need. We have a two van workforce to ensure prompt assistance to emergency call outs and lost shoe replacement.

Brush Farriery Services work closely with other equine professionals, including local veterinary clinics, Bourton Vale Equine Clinic, Cheltenham Equine Clinic, B&W Equine Group and Becky Rowland BVSC MRCVS.

With over 15 years experience we have worked in a variety of equine disciplines including the racing industry, eventing, dressage, hunting, polo, stud work and the leisure industry.

Specialist Services

Foot Balance

Assess foot balance using static and dynamic assessment including slow motion video.

Shoe applications

The application of remedial shoes including bar shoes, heart bars, raised heels and glue on shoes, made from steel, aluminium and plastic. We have access to high end manufacturers or bespoke shoes made in our well equiped workshop.

X-Ray assessment

We have the knowledge and ability to assess X-rays using portable technology with our clients.


Care and advice for Laminitis treatment and rehabilitation.

Shoeing at workshop

Clients are more than welcome to bring horses to our well equipped workshop by appointment only.

Trimming / Barefoot

Stud Work

Assessment of foal and young stock including using remedial cuffs and extension from resins for anura leg deformalities.


We now trim 75 donkeys all over the south west, as seen on Countryfile.

Field Horses and retired Horses and Ponies

Trimming, advice and on going care.

Riding Horses

Trimming, fitting of equine hoof boots, advice and on going care.

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